War of Stupidity, Continued

So, yes, the term fascist is misused, but these people in Ukraine (Kiev) are no friends of democracy or socialism.  Dividing the damn country along that river would be a good idea, letting the east join Russia.  The people in Crimea were thrilled to have their salaries tripled and be less looked down upon, and the same goes for much of Ukraine.  I can’t remember the city (Odessa) off hand, but another southern area also wants out of Ukraine.  Another vote to separate got 90% in favor — no matter how our media tries to attack the numbers.  Ukrainian soldiers are being ambushed in the East and Pro-Kiev women read Ukrainian poetry to their daughters.

So, call them what you will.  Half of them are insane romantic nationalists in love with the idea of being a superior race. 


That was a quote from an e-mail I recently sent one of you who objected to name-calling.  Actually, it is not the same as what I sent, but it seemed an easy way to explain the margins which I can’t get straightened out. They straightened out here, so I went back and put it all in italics.


Since when does Sharia Law prescribe cutting open a guy’s chest and eating his heart on video?  What does this have to do with a Hollywood hotel?


Why do the people in Boko Haram always appear dancing? The leader said God told him to sell the girls, now he is using them to bargain.  Corporate media’s response? “Should we play ball with terrorists?”  I kid you not.  Anybody want to play ball these days?  Metaphors sometimes miss the mark.  Remember, however, Donald Sterling may save them.


Is Dennis Rodman really a traitor?  Sort of basketball’s answer to Snowden?


Somehow wordpress did not pick up the end of that post, sorry, so here it is:



Monica Lewinski.


Bundy on the ranch and grazing cows?  Somehow I always think of Bud and Kelley and Peg.  Oh, remember Ted?  If your name is Bundy, change it.


When I hear about the Royals, I first think of the baseball team.  Who are these German in-breeders who parade around England?


Well, time to go.  I just want to post this as it has been stilling here for awhile.  Oh, I wanted to mention that “Besetzen Kapitalism” is the all time leading article here, with Adorno just recently tying him.  I think I can safely say that few stupid people are reading this site.  In fact, I almost feel like apologizing to those who do read stuff and this site for reminding them of this stupidity, but hey, you gotta make do with what you have, eh?


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